Excerpt From “Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir.” “Another story on what most Americans don’t know about the Navy’s role in the Vietnam War?” Many Americans probably believed that by 1972, the war in Vietnam was essentially winding down. However, for the U.S. Navy in Vietnam, 1972 would prove to be a busy year of … Continue reading NGFS at MR1

Vietnam’s MR1, Point Allison.

Excerpt from; "Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir.” “The arrival of USS Rich (DD 820) on the infamous Vietnam gun line, brings about big changes to the crew's onboard life.” In less than two days since our ship, USS Rich (DD 820) had arrived on the Vietnam gun line, our shipboard life had changed completely. It … Continue reading Vietnam’s MR1, Point Allison.

Stopover at Guam

Excerpts From: “Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir.” “Bound for Vietnam and Typhoon Ruby” My ship’s passage, USS Rich (DD 820) from Norfolk, Virginia to Vietnam was making progress as we arrived early morning in Apra Harbor, Guam on November 15, 1972. The ship had departed Rodman Naval Station in the Panama Canal Zone on … Continue reading Stopover at Guam