“Hit and Run at Hon La”

From “Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir.” It was December 1, 1972. Our ship USS Rich (DD 820) was attached to the Commander Task Unit (CTU) 71.1.1, embarked on board USS Wilson (DDG 7). CTU 71.1.1 was made up of our ship, USS Wilson (DDG 7) and USS Rowan (DD 782), CTU 71.1.1 embarked on USS … Continue reading “Hit and Run at Hon La”

Did someone drop a goddamn nuke?

From “Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir.” Battle of Brandon Bay: January 11, 1973. On January 11, another combat action occurred involving USS Cochrane (DDG 21), USS McCaffery (DD 860), and USS Turner Joy (DD 951) near Vinh, North Vietnam, about 100 miles north of the DMZ. This action, which came to be called “The … Continue reading Did someone drop a goddamn nuke?

Vietnam Linebacker Operations

You can also read about USS Rich DD 820 participation in the Vietnam Linebacker operations in my book "Striking Eight Bells."  Off the coast of Vietnam during Operation Linebacker in January 1973 , injured Storekeeper Glen Cruikshank made an audio recording while resting in his rack outside the upper handling room of mount 52, the … Continue reading Vietnam Linebacker Operations