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Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir

Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir signed by author George Trowbridge, plus a “Striking Eight Bells” bookmark. $22.00, + 7% Florida State Sales Tax and $6.00 Shipping.



In Striking Eight Bells, George Trowbridge recounts his journey from the Midwest to a navy destroyer, USS Rich (DD 820) in the Gulf of Tonkin during the closing months of the Vietnam War. Choosing to enlist in the Navy at 19, versus being drafted into the military, Trowbridge left a wife and newborn son in the States as he traversed the oceans of the globe to fight in America’s most unpopular war. George shares the details of the living conditions on board a naval destroyer during this era, what it was like going through training, the grind for his ship’s crew in supporting ground forces with naval gunfire as well as the strike attacks his ship made on enemy coastal defenses, and finally coming home at the end of the war. This emotional story is not only historically focused, but it also is informative about life in the military, all filtered through the personal lens of a first-hand perspective.


ISBN-10: 1945812338. ISBN-13: 978/1945812330/978-1945812361

Paperback Edition, signed by the author George Trowbridge + Striking Eight Bells Bookmark.

The stories in this book reflect the author’s recollection of events. Some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed to protect the privacy of those depicted. Dialogue has been recreated from memory. Dates, times, and locations were recreated from declassified U.S. Navy records and others. Photographs used are either public domain or owned by the author. Illustrations and maps used were either created by the author or in the public domain. The book is solely the opinion of the author and not the publisher, Richter Publishing, LLC.

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